NantEnergy Zinc-Air cell

In September 2019 Cathy Bussewitz published this story in the San Francisco Chronicle about Nant Energy's claim that their zinc-air battery system can deliver power at $100 per kilowatt hour--which is cheaper than lead-acid and dramatically cheaper than lithium-ion which is in the $225-$500 range.  Jay Whitacre, director of the Scott Institute for Energy Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University, said he had not seen or analysed the NantEnergy data but said, “If this is true, it would be great. If these guys even get close to this price point of $100 per kilowatt hour it is exciting and disruptive...if you can get to that, what you end up with is a technology that is really economical and can be used in many ways.”  The AZA Battery cost per kilowatt hour, when produced at scale, is projected at $35.